Q1: How can I submit new company to the database?

In order to add your company to construction.am database, choose the appropriate option for you, fill in the form and submit your request. The information will be processed as soon as possible based on the option you’ve selected. You will be notified via email about the successful registration.

Q2: Why my company website link is inactive?

Because free accounts do not provide active website links. In order to activate company website link, become privileged company or add construction.am backlink in your company official website.

Q3: How can I sell my apartment on construction.am?

Fill in the apartment submission form or leave a text message in the free announcements section. If you want to submit apartment images, the first option is more appropriate. The apartment information submission is absolutely free.

Q4: How can I delete undesirable comments from my company page?

If the comments are offensive or contain false information, write us with your official e-mail address and we will delete them from the database.

Q5: How can I edit my company information?

If you have found an error in the page of your company, email us with your official email address and we will fix it during a week. However, privileged companies can edit any information by logging into their account. Become a privileged company, and you will be able to edit the page of your company at your convenience. Click here to learn more.

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